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Adi Associates specialises in professional land use and environmental planning, environmental assessment and management, training, and related services in respect of resource management, waste management, urban and marine development, social impact, environmental management systems, institutional strengthening and capacity building.

The Company employs highly qualified staff with extensive national and international experience in the public and private sectors.  Expertise includes EIA specialists, marine scientists, fish biologists, environmental and resources managers, geographers, GIS specialists, archaeologists, and urban planners.  Adi Associates also avails itself of an extensive pool of local and foreign experts in such areas as waste management, social impact assessment, economics, marine geology, ecology, archaeology and cultural heritage, agriculture, air quality, coastal zone management, environmental management systems, ports engineering, traffic, restoration (historic buildings), quarry restoration, and geotechnical studies.

To date, Adi Associates has been involved in the planning and environmental assessment of a diverse range of projects, including: marine projects, residential and mixed uses, industrial projects, agricultural projects, recreational projects, and infrastructure.

Adi Associates also has extensive experience in undertaking environmental assessment for projects within sensitive natural and historic landscapes and regulation of major infrastructure projects in comparable physical locations, including Natura 2000 sites, Ramsar wetlands, SSIs, Areas of Ecological Importance, Areas of High Landscape Value and historic sites.

Adi Associates is certified to ISO 14001:2004 by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MSA EN 14001:2004; Certificate No.: E002) and is also a corporate member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (UK).  Adi Associates operates its own internal quality management system.