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Our journey began in 2011, when Antonio (“Saro”) Cascone founded “Cascone doors and windows” in Ragusa, Italy.

As can be seen from the name of the company, initially our focus was on the sale and installation of doors and windows, essential elements of every home.

Thanks to our attention to detail and the quality of the products offered by our exclusive partners, we soon became a point of reference in the market, starting to expand our borders by carrying out work in another of the key places in our history: Malta.

Over the years, more and more Maltese families have decided to rely on the quality of our fixtures and the precision of our installation team, further fueling our passion for homes.

Years of experience and listening to the needs of each individual have allowed us to understand one of the main sources of stress for those who renovate or furnish their home for the first time: having to deal with multiple partners and not having a single point of reference for their project .

This is how the idea of expanding our areas of interest to the entire world of interior design began to take hold, no longer limiting ourselves only to doors and windows.

Our goal became to be able to accompany each person in the design and creation of their dream home, in every aspect; representing that ideal partner that many of our customers struggled to find.

The desire and desire to be able to present ourselves as the sole point of reference for any home project led us in 2018 to take the next step: founding “CasconeHome”.

The first CasconeHome showroom was inaugurated in Malta with the aim of providing each person with a single point of contact to start their own housing project, making each phase of the process fluid, transparent and tailored to their specific needs.